call forth your wild wisdom // The Phoenix Soul: SAGE

call forth your wild wisdom // The Phoenix Soul: SAGE

I see you, sage soul.

The one who risks asking the hard questions, then sits in silence and stillness with the wondering; or bursts into impassioned dialogue with her unknown; or embraces whatever feels right to her, in her seeker's spirit.

The one who honors and reveals her rich complexity, even/especially the parts she once hid in shame or fear.

The one who allows her contradictions and complications, who is scared and brave at the same time; foolish and wise; unsure and on-fire with conviction. She who grieves and celebrates at once. She who stumbles and dances.

 The one who turns to trusted tribe (elders, peers, youth) and listens with open mind. She who trusts herself enough to sift through well-meaning words and claim her own gut-knowing. She who turns to her soul-Source for clarity.

The one who challenges herself to release too-tight opinions, worn-out definitions, and limited labels she has long held as truth. She who fears not the shaking-loose, the stretching-out, the phoenix burn and rise of her understanding.

The one who carries forward the wisdom of her elders, not their wounds.

The one who treasures her hard-won truth-gems. She who honors her innate knowing.

I see you.

You are not one thing; you are many. You are ever expanding, exploring, elevating. You rise and rise and rise.

You are Wise Woman, even/especially when you feel you aren't sure of anything at all. 

You are Sage.

I curated our new magazine issue, The Phoenix Soul: SAGE, in honor of you. Of me. Of we. We are trusted tribe, wise women who often downplay our own innate knowing. Let's gather around a virtual bonfire, celebrating life lessons both aching and joyful. We have come so far. This issue is your rest; your reward; your companion in the way. The Phoenix Soul: Sage is designed to support, encourage, and uplift you, helping you live your most vibrant, authentic, soul-full existence.

Hold your breath and ask the
age-old questions, deep, of stars. We’ve
all got secrets, places we’re pinpricked
and scarred, places where the light shines
through and changes things . . .
— De Jackson, "Listen," TPS: Sage
I couldn’t change anything in my life, in my Self, until I was willing to own it, all of it. I have to take responsibility for every thought, feeling, and behavior in order to continue to step into the fullness of who I am.
— Jennifer Albin (Soul Whisper Arts), Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Sage

You are a wonder, sage phoenix soul. I see you.

with much love & respect,
(your fellow phoenix) 



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