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The Phoenix Soul has risen.

We are raw & real. Grit & grace.
We are truth-speakers, heart-on-our-sleevers, love-believers.

I am. You are. We are The Phoenix Soul.

  art journaling page from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

art journaling page from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

Oh, kindred, how can I express my feeling today, on this moment of Phoenix rising? My heart gallops. Breath catches. I am nervous, yes, about letting go of Sprout online magazine and allowing her rebirth as The Phoenix Soul . . . but nerves fade in light of our truth.

Sprout bloomed. The Phoenix Soul is where we are today and into the future: a tender, trembling conviction that we are worthy (even/especially when we feel like we're falling apart, cracking open, un-doing). That our vulnerability is our power. That living true is more important than living right. That we are never, ever alone, because we phoenix souls are forever flock. Trusted tribe.

What if we allow the gift of fire? What if the ache and break that we mourn is also the birthplace of our raw courage, our openhearted understanding, our unbound joy? What if we let our fear, burdens, and regrets reduce to ash? What if we rise, winged & true?
— Ceremony, my letter to reader

readers speak about Ceremony:

"Oh. Em. Gee. I always enjoy, but this one is touching places I haven't known existed for a very, very long time or . . . ever."

"I peeked through it and got teary eyes . . ."

"Sooo many treasures and truth gems in this issue. Much to revisit, digest, and embrace."

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Kindred, I am so grateful to rise with you . . . to honor our most tender truths, together. Ceremony, our 39th issue (but first as The Phoenix Soul), asks: what would happen if we let our fears, regrets, and burdens burn? What if we rise from the ash, winged and true?

You have carried your burden long enough, beloved. Are you ready to let go? Are you ready to join the rising?