Special note: Sprout online magazine has been reborn as The Phoenix Soul. We are raw & real. Grit & grace. We are truth-speakers, heart-on-our-sleevers, love-believers. You are. I am. We are The Phoenix Soul.

{ issue 39: CEREMONY }

What if you let your fears, burdens, and regrets reduce to ash? What if you rise, winged and true?

Beloved, you have carried your burden long enough. Let it burn in Love's pure fire. 

Rise, phoenix soul.
You are ready.

For me, being in alignment requires a constant willingness to stay in the current, which is always changing. What we do today may not look just like what we’ll do tomorrow. [. . .] It’s loving the Mystery of the Unknown over the security of the known which keeps us in flow . . .
— Pixie Lighthorse, Truth Tribe interview

I dropped down to the earth, teary & goosebumpy, & immediately heard a little voice whisper, “This is an invitation to cross, an invitation to come home.”
— Carissa Paige, "The Walking Out of the Shoes that Never Belonged on Your Feet Ceremony"

Lift your tired face to holy dawn. We rise . . . Forever flock.

guests in this issue:

  • Pixie Lighthorse, Truth Tribe interview

  • Morgan Callan Rogers, Jenna Whittaker, De Jackson: Grit & Grace participants

  • regular contributors: Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, Beth Morey

  • additional guests: Carissa Paige, Jenna Whittaker, Morgan Callan Rogers

She is not a verdict to be handed down by others’ judgments. Her worthiness is not a question for the world to answer. Love wrote her life into being, and this love is the only thing she was meant to carry . . .
— Jenna Whittaker, "Let it Burn"


in every issue:

60 full-color digital pages (PDF)

vibrant art, intimate interviews, revealing essays, gaspworthy poetry, soul-stirring prompts

handpainted pages, handwritten love notes

interactive features honoring our #thephoenixsoul gathering

  • Amanda Fall: editor, publisher, creator, chief gatherer of good

Phoenix soul, may you feel seen. Heard. Loved. Just as you are.

Join us in sacred Ceremony:

Our vulnerability is our power. We live true instead of living right. We embrace our releasing, our daily rebirth, our sacred transformation. We choose to begin again and again and again . . .
— Amanda Fall, letter to reader