rise & shine // The Phoenix Soul: RADIANT

rise & shine // The Phoenix Soul: RADIANT

What would your most radiant life look like?

How would you feel? How would you walk in the world?

Our new issue, Radiant, couldn't have come at a better time for me. Honestly, I haven't felt like my best self in a long time. I've let myself become passive in my radiance, rather than being an active participant in my well-being.

I’m aching, knees hurting from literal and emotional strain, desperate to move out of this sludge that dulls my soul-shine. I’m ready for better, for fresh, for free—but have to dig my way up and out into the light.
— My Story, TPS: RADIANT

As I've been curating this life-affirming magazine issue, a light has risen in my understanding. I'm beginning to remember:

I can lift the veil. I can keep my soul-windows washed. I can lift my tired face. I can call out: Here I am, Grace. [...] I can light a signal fire.
— My Story, TPS: RADIANT

It's time to be proactive in my well-being.

It's time to rise and shine.

Phoenix, are you feeling dulled and drained, too? Worn thin? Lesser-than? Or are you already vibrant and full of life? Either way, you deserve to feel truly radiant . . . lit up, on fire with passion and purpose.

I'm so grateful for this issue. It's been pivotal in my own awakening, and I think these inspiring pages will light you up, too.

Through sixty pages of boldly colored encouragement, we join in tenderhearted truths--stories of ache and healing, darkness and light. There is always a way back to our radiance. And this issue? It's a lantern in the dark. It's a guide, a companion, a friend on the path.

I hope you'll join us here. You are so welcome with us, kindred--exactly as you are.

Let's rise and shine. Together.

love and gratitude,
(creator, editor, publisher,
& fellow phoenix soul)

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