make your music // interview with Cory Sipper

Cory Sipper's music is like soul-medicine: it makes you feel good.

Cory Sipper

Last year, singer/songwriter Cory invited us to "make magic" with her in our Serendipity issue. Her Truth Tribe interview spoke of staying true to herself and her calling (especially in an industry that often urges the opposite).

Now Cory is pouring her heart and soul into creating her sixth album. In order to make this fresh magic happen, she's running a PledgeMusic campaign. Right now she's 86% funded with 23 days left.

I believe strongly in Cory's music and mission, and think phoenix souls everywhere would love her work as much as I do.

I invited Cory onto the blog today to visit with us.

Cory, your last album, "Make Your Magic," encouraged listeners to follow their hearts and make their own magic. What are some of the themes in your new songs?

I think my music continues to evolve as my process as a human evolves. I continue to work on letting go of the need for a “result”--or a certain response--from something outside myself. Be it on a personal relationship level or on a more mass level--like the music industry, or environmentally, politically . . . whatever.

I'm not talking about alienating myself; it’s the opposite, really. When we can be okay with who we are, face reality, and make true choices, we actually get along a lot better with others and are better able to serve the world and what we feel it needs. One of my new songs is called “Indestructible” and one is called “Trust Yourself” . . . you can see what I mean just from the titles. The songs I write are definitely reflections of my personal inner work.

You wrote a heartfelt post on Facebook about the story behind this campaign, called "The Story They Said I Shouldn't Share." We phoenix souls always seek out the truth of things, so this post really resonated for me. Would you tell our readers about it?

Well, I am doing a PledgeMusic campaign to raise money to record new songs.  Through this campaign I am asking people to "pre-order” the new songs so I can record them. Seems like I’m kind of going about things backwards, but because of the way the music industry is these days for truly “independent” artists like myself, it’s the only option I have to record my new songs. The reality of streaming music (people can stream my music for free) means I can’t AFFORD to release my music anymore. I can’t afford the recording process if people are getting the music for free once it’s released.  

So--in the FB post you are referring to, I shared the truth in that. I shared the challenge I face in recording new material, but that it is in my soul to write and release music, so I’m doing what I have to do in order to follow my heart. I find people are usually more receptive to honesty, even though the world-at-large often encourages us to act like we’ve "got it all together" in order to succeed. You know, the whole "don’t let 'em see you sweat" thing. I think that cultural message is ridiculous. 

Your life is full, raising a family along with continuing to grow your music career. What are some of your essential self-care/soul-care practices to keep you feeling like your best self?

Great question. In addition to being a songwriter (and mom and wife) I’m a very busy yoga teacher. It’s something I’ve done for 10 years. I teach about 15 classes a week in different studios and privately so I have very little time after all is said and done to “relax.” But I do grab my yoga mat and do some yoga, usually restorative yoga, throughout the day, just 15 minutes here or there if that’s all I can grab. I try and get to bed early, too. On the deeper side of things, I have a happy marriage, my kids are awesome and I do what I love to do. I’m still striving all the time and sometimes I get exhausted because bills have to get paid and that can be challenging for us, but at the end of the day I know I’m living from my heart. That, to me, is the ultimate self-care. 

image by Cory Sipper

image by Cory Sipper

Cory, thanks for being here!

Phoenix souls, I honestly believe in Cory's music and mission. Could we gather our forces and help bring her new music to life? Check out her many pledge options, including signed CDs, Skype sessions, limited editions, handwritten lyrics, and even a house concert!

Let's gather our phoenix tribe and make our music today. 

love & gratitude,

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