"a woman on fire" // Melissa Fernandez: INNER TRUTH

Staff creative, Melissa Fernandez, is "a woman on fire."

Her photo essay, "Saving Truth," lit up the pages of Inner Truth (our current issue of The Phoenix Soul digital magazine).


Melissa recalls seeds of story from a line of powerful female ancestors: mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. They passed down wisdom while tending the earth together, cultivating nourishment of both body and soul.

Little did I know that my saving truth was contained within the millions of seeds planted by my grandmothers and all the women before me.

When the time was right, they bloomed right out of my mouth in fierce colors and thorns. They saved me, offered protection and a safe passage home. It was then that I realized what it meant to be a woman on fire, a woman of power, a woman reigning in the sovereignty of her truth.
— Melissa Fernandez, "Saving Truth," TPS: Inner Truth

Melissa encourages you to unearth your own "deep inner truths," "taking you further into your holy being." Read the rest of her photo essay here, along with many more inspiring pieces (poetry, interviews, fiction, artwork, creative prompts, & more):

Phoenix, what seeds of truth have been planted in your own life? What is ready to burst into bloom? What needs gentle tending?

Your truth is waiting for you.

love & awe,
(your fellow phoenix)