The Phoenix Soul. We are truth-speakers, heart-on-our-sleevers, love-believers. You are. I am. We are The Phoenix Soul (indie digital magazine & community).

The Phoenix Soul: 
(issue 60)

Phoenix, do you remember who you are?

You are starlight and story. Ashes and light. Grit and grace. You are holy yes and fierce no. You are a miracle walking this earth. 

It's time to go within, to seek your inner constellation. To release every untruth holding you small. To sing out all that is true.

What startling truths await you today? What healing rebirth will you experience when you dare to live from the core of you?

Let's find out. Together. 

We’re not taught how to love ourselves. If it’s expressed at all, it’s seen as arrogance as it’s usually in relation to what we do or produce. When I talk about loving myself it isn’t connected to what I produce. My love for self comes from just being. In a world where your worth is measured by your busyness and what you can produce, it’s strength to feel worthy by being you.
— Sheree Angela Matthews, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Inner Truth


in every issue:

  • 60 full-color digital pages (PDF)

  • vibrant art, intimate interviews, revealing essays, gaspworthy poetry, soul-stirring prompts

  • handcrafted mixed media backgrounds, handwritten love notes

  • interactive features honoring our #thephoenixsoul gathering

  • Amanda Fall: editor, publisher, creator, gatherer of good

may you feel seen. Heard. Loved. Just as you are.

Uncover your truth with us, your trusted flock.

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Little did I know that my saving truth was contained within the millions of seeds planted by my grandmothers and all the women before me. When the time was right, they bloomed right out of my mouth in fierce colors and thorns. They saved me, offered protection and a safe passage home. It was then that I realized what it meant to be a woman on fire, a woman of power, a woman reigning in the sovereignty of her truth.
— Melissa Fernandez, "Saving Truth," TPS: Inner Truth
water cascading.
the hymn of life all around.
the river moves and i move with it.
the breeze cools my fiery thoughts.
if i touch my pen to tongue the words will burn.
— suzanne l. vinson, "today," TPS: Inner Truth

The Phoenix Soul: Inner Truth

Inner revelation means nothing if it doesn’t lead to outer revolution–affecting how we live our everyday lives, how we walk in this aching and beautiful world. Will we dare to voice the hard truths, to tear down systems of oppression both internal and external, to amplify voices of the unheard, to live our truth in ways that bless and uplift and bring healing? Phoenix, we are made of starlight and stories . . . a miracle within. It’s time to remember who we are.

Step into the circle, where we celebrate both our individuality and our oneness as a soul-family. We honor both our shining truths and our shadow sides, the rich complexity of our lives. How can you align with inner truth more often? Find out with us in The Phoenix Soul: Inner Truth.

1. Amanda Fall. 2. Sheree Angela Matthews, Hannah Marshall, Jenna Whittaker, Paula Brown. 3. Alice Mills, Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson. 3. Laurie Blackwell, Nolwenn Petitbois, Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith.

1. Amanda Fall. 2. Sheree Angela Matthews, Hannah Marshall, Jenna Whittaker, Paula Brown. 3. Alice Mills, Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson. 3. Laurie Blackwell, Nolwenn Petitbois, Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith.

guests in this issue:

  • Sheree Angela Matthews, Truth Tribe interview

  • Jenna Whittaker, Paula Brown, & Alice Mills: Grit & Grace participants and guest contributors

  • staff contributors: Maureen Helms Blake (Bitter & Beautiful column), De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson, Laurie Blackwell, Nolwenn Petitbois, Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith (Embody your BRave column)

  • additional contributor: Hannah Marshall

I’m shaking up my entire life for my inner truth. My wife and I are selling the house we bought less than a year ago and moving cross-country (again) (sigh). All the stability and rootedness we’d hoped for here was built on my desperation and minimization, and it has come time for me to own that and speak my deepest truth and rewire my life to honor it. It’s that important. We are that important. I am that important. You, my sparkling jewel of the sky, are that important. Always.
— Kyeli Smith, EmBody Your Brave column, TPS: Inner Truth
‘Honey, you are not doing this wrong.
You are in bloom.
You are the seed and the water,
the root and the wing.
You are the pulse of everything that is possible.’
— Jenna Whittaker, "You," TPS: Inner Truth

Call forth inner truth with us:

The theme of my life has been a constant search for the truth of who we are.
— Paula Brown, Grit & Grace, TPS: Inner Truth