Unique: a blessing (free audio recording)

Phoenix, I honor your true self: the one often buried beneath a heap of old story, limiting beliefs, worn-out expectation, and so much more. I honor YOU, the one who yearns to be seen + heard + respected exactly as she is.

Our current issue, Unique, is an invitation to your soul-self. A celebration. A sanctuary where you can be free, in all your wild and wonderful glory. As is.

In The Phoenix Soul magazine, I love to wrap up each issue's sixty pages of inspiration and encouragement with a blessing--a takeaway to tuck in your pocket, to carry in your heart. A reminder of your soul-self.

I have a surprise for you today: a free audio recording of the blessing from Unique. Enjoy, phoenix.

Here's the text:

may we excavate
our true Selves,
shedding limiting lies
& embracing our own
uniquely evolving

may we honor & allow
our whole story,
bearing kind witness
to where we have been
where we are
where we have yet to go

may we surround ourselves
with trusted tribe,
making space
for our individuality,
in radiant unity

may we dare to rise,
embodying our wild
& wonderful souls
— Amanda Fall, The Phoenix Soul: UNIQUE

See you there, phoenix!

love & awe,
(creator, editor,
& chief gatherer of good)

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