UNITY // peek inside our new issue

In a time of much heartache worldwide, we phoenix souls turn back to love. To compassion. To authentic connection. We let love, love, love be our mission, our guide, our answer.

I'm so grateful for the healing messages in every issue of The Phoenix Soul (they comfort, challenge, and encourage me all month long as I create and curate the pages, blessing me as I pray they always bless you).

But this month especially . . . wow, the timing had me gulping, the lump in my throat that never seems to leave as I hear of more terror and tragedy every day. The only way I can go on is to turn back (insistently, persistently) to the love that heals. The love that unites. The love that connects us globally.

What a gift, then, that we have UNITY this month.

Today I'd like to give you a peek into Unity's pages, hinting at the many messages of hope and healing waiting within this tenderhearted issue.


Unity's sixty vibrant pages include:

  • Truth Tribe interview with Kolleen Harrison, founder of LOVEwild.org. Her mission of LOVE feels more necessary than ever. We cozy up and talk about her anti-bullying campaign (and the beloved children that inspire her), favorite LOVEwild gear, encouragement for anyone who feels bullied or excluded, and more.

Offerings by regular contributors:

  • Maureen Helms Blake explores a labyrinth and finds surprising connection amidst feelings of isolation in this month's edition of Bitter & Beautiful
  • three poets seek unity within themselves and in connection to the world: De Jackson ("The Amalgamation of Us"), Julia Fehrenbacher ("Tuesday Morning Exhale"), & Beth Morey ("duality" and stunning photography)
  • suzanne l. vinson remembers the need for gentle care in "on tending," when her soul-tribe gathers near
  • Teresa Robinson investigates unity as a function of self-compassion and empathy (illustrated with original artwork)
  • Carissa Paige invites you to "Find Your Colorful Kindreds" through heartfelt and vibrant original artwork
  • Laurie Blackwell offers a fresh coloring page to print, seeking unity through creative expression

Offerings by guest contributors:

  • Rachel Awes introduces us to her delightful new book, The Great Green Okayness, and answers two evocative questions about recognizing "our uncommon magnificence"
  • Ronne Rock weaves a powerful true story about her friendship with someone in need; Ronne discovers her own heartache and need for healing as they travel 365 days of choosing to live free from self-harm
  • poets Hannah Marshall ("Mystic") and Joan Kantor ("How to Cross Borders") reveal more threads of connection, uniting the world
image by @jenprecourt

image by @jenprecourt

This afternoon is all about sunshine pouring in the window, fresh clean flannel sheets on the bed, pajamas on because I couldn’t wait until bedtime to climb in & read the newest issue of #thephoenixsoul Unity. This comes at the perfect time as I think, journal, pray on how to be more connected to my soul, my body, my loves & the greater world. How can I bring peace & love in the midst of fear & sadness & messy.
— @jenprecourt on Instagram

Additional elements include:

  • mixed media backgrounds, created by hand (by me!)
  • thoughtful photography
  • soul-stirring creative prompts
  • Grit & Grace mini interview, featuring Rachel Awes, Ronne Rock, & Beth Morey
  • interactive community features spotlighting our Instagram and Facebook gatherings
  • My Story, The Holy Here, and more editorials

Phoenix soul, you are alone no more.

Welcome to your soul-tribe.

Will you celebrate UNITY with us?

with love & awe
(you amaze me, phoenix soul--
in all your tenderhearted glory),


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love in action // The Phoenix Soul: UNITY

love in action // The Phoenix Soul: UNITY