come back to life // The Phoenix Soul: VITALITY

come back to life // The Phoenix Soul: VITALITY

What keeps you from feeling radiant, nourished, whole?

What dulls your shine?

Phoenix soul, you have struggled long enough. You were not born to slog through life. You didn't survive every ache & rebirth simply to get by.

You were made to thrive, to feel wildly alive. Startlingly joyful.

Friends, our new issue is finally here . . . and to tell you the truth, I couldn't be more ready for these bright and life-affirming pages. They're like vitamin C for the soul.

I am tired of feeling like a wrung-out sponge. My heart, my body, my home beg for renewal, for a deluge of grace instead of mere droplets. [...] I’m weary of the whys, no matter how valid (grief, doubt, a persistent lie of low self-worth—believing everyone else deserves care before I do). The whys don’t matter. Only this realization that I am smothering my own vitality . . .
— Amanda Fall, My Story, TPS: Vitality

I'm so ready for healing transformation in my everyday life. I'm unwrapping the layers I've cocooned myself within . . . extra weight of flesh, of material goods, of stories worn ragged and thin by their retelling and rumination.

I am ready to be light and free and soft and undone, to let spring breeze shimmer through my winter-heart, to lift my tired face like a tulip to the sun.

I am worthy of care.

You are worthy of care. Even/especially when you feel like you have no time, energy, or desire to care for yourself. This is when you need tending most.

It's time to peel back layers of shame, of grief, of disbelief in our own wholeness.

Confession: vitality hasn’t always come easy or naturally for me. [. . .] Shedding personal history has been the greatest and most challenging thing I chose every-single-second-of-every-single-day in order to honor my true callings, in order to claim my birthright in this-Skin-my-Soul-chose . . .
— Carissa Paige, "Lantern in the Dark," TPS: Vitality

Kindred, consider these pages a love letter to your phoenix soul. 

We know you're tired. We know you try so hard to be "good enough," to take care of everyone who needs you. But remember . . . you need care, in order to sustain. To thrive.

Will you let us tend to you today?

We love your rebel heart. Your misfit dreams. Your radiant phoenix soul.

Just as you are.

with respect & awe,
your fellow phoenix Amanda

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