happy holidays :: a gift for you

happy holidays :: a gift for you

This time of year is especially full of feeling, isn't it? Darkness and light. One year ending, another on the cusp. Where have we been? Where will we go? What will we release or embrace?

We phoenix souls celebrate the breath between: life in the and. We are continually reinventing, shedding, dusting off our wings for fresh flight.

Every stumbling, shaky step matters. Every bumbled thought, every fumbled word. The mess, the loam, the dusk of our lives is as rich and fruitful as the light of dawn.

Our phoenix souls are tested, tried, and true.

Could you love your process today?

Could you press palms together and bow, thanking this Life for every gasp of grace? 

We are fertile dark and blooming light.
We are tough and tender.
We are deep ache and wild joy.
We are releasing and embracing.
We are grit and grace.
We are grief and celebration.
We are hurt and healing.

We are all we have been
and all we will become.
We are. We are.

I love your wild phoenix soul.
And mine.

Kindred, I have a gift for you: this vibrant poster, a burst of joy offered in support of your wild phoenix soul.

Created by Amanda Fall

Created by Amanda Fall

Please print, share, gift, and enjoy.
(Print on photo paper or card stock for best results.)
Personal use only.

With deep love & respect
for all you are
(and all we are, together),

on the eve :: radiant changes coming to The Phoenix Soul

you are the hero // The Phoenix Soul: LEGACY

you are the hero // The Phoenix Soul: LEGACY