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You are. I am. We are The Phoenix Soul: a vibrant online community (including free collaborative blog, indie digital magazine, Patreon, private Facebook gathering, & more).

We honor our daily transformation, our tender truth, our rising. We are forever flock. Soul-family.

We rise from the ashes of shame, regret, doubt, and fear. We choose to emerge. To be reborn with every breath. To honor our life-story with the holy howl of yes.


Raw & real. Tough & tender. Scared & sacred. 
Grit, grace, & every gasp between.
We are The Phoenix Soul.


We seek the sacred in our everyday. We honor vulnerable truth. We practice determined gratitude, even when we must grit our teeth.

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Oh, phoenix, rise with us. Claim your name. Embrace your tough & your tender, your raw & your real. We honor {all} of you.

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