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The Phoenix Soul: 
(issue 64)

Our collective voice is crying out. We are roaring with trembling truth. Voices are spilling out in courtrooms, on social media, in the quiet chambers of our own hearts and homes.

We are sacred. Even when we are not treated so. We are sacred. Even when we are conditioned not to believe so. Our voices matter, when we rage, we weep, we celebrate. We matter, in our heldbreath hurts and our shouts of joy.

I am scared to talk about the dangers Native women face. I remember a white college classmate from an affluent part of town saying he didn’t understand. He wasn’t being mean, he just did not have any frame of reference. I grew up hearing a mom say she didn’t want me to end up in a ditch. Now, 18 years later, because of press and advocates we have information to validate what Native women face. That gives me strength and hope.
— Emily Washines (Native Friends), Soul Rise Stories interview, TPS: Sacred Voice
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In every issue:

  • 60 full-color digital pages (PDF)

  • vibrant art, intimate interviews (including "Soul Rise Stories"), revealing essays, gaspworthy poetry, soul-stirring prompts

  • handcrafted mixed media backgrounds, handwritten love notes

  • interactive features honoring our #thephoenixsoul gathering

  • Amanda Fall: editor, publisher, creator, gatherer of good

May you feel seen. Heard. Loved. Just as you are.

1. Amanda Fall, Emily Washines, Sarah Mariann Martland, Elizabeth D’Angelo. 2. Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson, Nolwenn Petitbois. 3. Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith, VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia.

1. Amanda Fall, Emily Washines, Sarah Mariann Martland, Elizabeth D’Angelo. 2. Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson, Nolwenn Petitbois. 3. Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith, VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia.

guests in this issue:

  • Emily Washines (Native Friends), Soul Rise Stories interview

  • Sarah Mariann Martland, suzanne l. vinson, Maureen Helms Blake: Grit & Grace participants and contributors

  • staff contributors: Maureen Helms Blake (Bitter & Beautiful column), De Jackson, suzanne l. vinson, Nolwenn Petitbois, Melissa Fernandez, Kyeli Smith (EmBody your Brave column), VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia

  • additional guest: Elizabeth D’Angelo

I was conditioned to never provoke, never challenge, never disagree. To me, at the time it seemed rude and disruptive to do this to people. I developed a secret life with all the things left unsaid, all dreams unshared, all emotions neatly packed away because I was afraid to speak and share my thoughts and words. I was afraid of sharing my voraciously tattered, but faithful, truth.
— Melissa Fernandez, "The Inward Place," TPS: Sacred Voice
Let the movement
of your tongue be a rhythm
a sacred soul chant
a ritual
a new prayer
a revelation.
— VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia, "An Elegy for the Sound of Sacred Truth," TPS: Sacred Voice

The Phoenix Soul: Sacred Voice

Sweet soul, you are welcome here, in your weary-heart tenderness, in your raging never-agains, in your long-buried secrets coming to light, in your held-breath hurts and your won’t-give-up healing. You are welcome at this virtual bonfire, a sanctuary of color and truth and compassion where you are seen. Heard. Believed. Trusted. Loved. Honored. Supported.

Are you ready to rise? To lift your sacred voice? To whispersingshout your gut-deep truth? To call back to your hurt self, your healing self—to croon compassion to every holy atom of you, every shimmer of your being? Oh, love—and if you struggle to see your worth, if your words are trapped in your throat, if you need help hearing your sacred voice . . . let us sing your song back to you. Let us be your lantern in the dark. Let us walk through the shadows together. Let us whisper love and compassion to one another. We are here for you.

Step into the circle, where we celebrate both our individuality and our oneness as a soul-family. Let’s raise our sacred voices . . . together.

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When we are sensitive, when we have chronic health issues, when we are non-mainstream in whatever ways we are, it is so easy to muffle ourselves. It’s the path of least resistance–and all too often, the only way we feel safe in this world in which we don’t quite belong.
— Kyeli Smith, EmBody Your Brave column, TPS: Sacred Voice
Do you realize the sun comes to greet you each day to light you up and warm your heart? Do you know the kind of strength it takes to greet her right back?

Do you know I see you walking into each new day and laying down your heart, despite how broken it feels?
— Sarah Mariann Martland, "For when you don't feel safe," TPS: Sacred Voice

Lift your wild phoenix voice with us:

I am so ready to sing out the who and why of me. [...] In the whirl of Deep Feels, communication beneath and beyond words yearns to emerge as soulspeak. Who am I right now? How do I know myself? How do I recognize the voice that is me and me alone?
— Maureen Helms Blake, Bitter & Beautiful column, TPS: Sacred Voice