make it vivid

make it vivid

This is your life. THIS. Here, now, at your fingertips. YOURS. Does that ever astonish you? Me, too.

We get to choose how we will live and love and learn today. Will we choose vivid and vibrant? Soft and gentle? Raw and real? Joyful and serene?

We can't control what happens to us, but we can sure choose how we will react.

And by the way, kindred . . . you can be all or none of these. In the span of one day or one breath. We are startlingly complex, richly layered beings. We are divine breath in walking, talking form. What will we allow to be born to and through us . . . here, now? Tomorrow? The next day?

I was trapped in this sameness, and while it’s not a bad place to be, you may have heard that we’re made for changing. Then, there it was, blooming wide in my heart and mind: I don’t want to live that way any longer. I can’t. I have decided that I won’t . . .
— Beth Morey, "We Are Made for Changing," from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

what phoenix wisdom
is stirring within you?

What change is brewing?
What burden are you longing to release?

Perhaps today is the day to take your stand: to choose how you will live. To honor YOUR calling, one tiny, brave(timid) brave(timid) step at a time.

This, this is the moment of your rebirth.
Your daily rising.
You are a phoenix soul . . .
whether you believe it yet or not.
(And you are never alone, dear one.)

sunbeams and stillness :: a blessing

your own fire :: a blessing

your own fire :: a blessing