sunbeams and stillness :: a blessing

May your day be filled
with surprising
among the

May your hurts
be eased
with softness
and hope
like raindrops
and blue.

May your phoenix soul
stir within you,
a heartbeat of
when you thought
you could try no more.

May you wake
to Life's multitude
of tiny miracles,
grace washing over you
like sunbeams and stillness.

The older I get, the more I realize each day is its own rising. Our hearts get so weighed down by the world, we forget that hope has feathers—and even the heaviest things can fly, when they remember to trust their wings . . .
— De Jackson, Grit & Grace, from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

with deep love,
your fellow phoenix soul,

one soft step

make it vivid

make it vivid