break free // The Phoenix Soul: Catharsis

break free // The Phoenix Soul: Catharsis

Phoenix soul, what weight are you tired of dragging behind you?

What have you contained, detained, maintained for too long, believing it was your duty or your punishment or your destiny?

What would happen if you released yourself?

What would happen if you broke free?

What would happen if you
showed the world your true self?

This month, we dive once again into the depths, courageously shining light on hidden hurts. We realize that our circumstances, no matter how catastrophic (emotionally or physically), cannot dampen or diminish the holy spark of our spirits. Beneath it all (sometimes far, far beneath), we are whole; we are strong; we are true. And we can fan those flames.
— Amanda Fall, letter to reader, TPS: Catharsis

Oh, friend. How many times have we squashed or hidden our true emotions or responses, in fear of being judged (often even by ourselves)? What stories have we let others tell about us . . . or have we told about ourselves . . . that we've accepted as truth, even as our souls scream out in opposition?

It's time to break free.

It's time to let ourselves spill up and out and into the clear light of day. No shame. No judgment. Only celebration of our allness, our wholeness, our trueness.

Our beautiful mess. Our rich complexity. Our joy and our lament, our dark and our light (and every glimmer of grace between).

You are safe with us.

Are you ready to break free?

Life is a continual dance, for me, of asking: do I step, leap, bound outside of my comfort zone this time? Or do I retreat, trusting that my gut knows best, and Iā€™m not ready for this one?

Sometimes yes. And sometimes no.

When are fear and anxiety ruling, and when am I simply listening to the whisper of my soul?
— Amanda Fall, "My Story," TPS: Catharsis

The Phoenix Soul: Catharsis is a riot of color, of power and passion and purpose. We welcome your WHOLE soul here, in these sixty vibrant pages (instant PDF download, only $6). Heartpounding art. Gaspworthy poetry. Brave essays. Intimate interviews. All we're missing? YOU! 

Come in, kindred. Come in.

Your soul will thank you.

with much love,
your fellow phoenix

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