keep true :: 21 Secrets

Who are you, really?

Not who others want you to be . . .
or who you always thought you should be . . .
but who are you, really,
now, at your innermost being?

What do you truly desire?

What hurts and healings beg to be released from within you?

Phoenix souls, this month we're honoring CATHARSIS in our daily lives . . . and wow, what a powerful shift we've experienced so far.



Catharsis is far from easy. When we go digging around in the dusty nooks and crannies of our hearts, sometimes we're startled by what we find. We discover ancient hurts that we thought were already healed. We discover tamped-down dreams, forgotten too long.

So much waits beneath the surface, far below what we've been taught is polite or proper.

Are we letting regret win? Or are we calling forth and embracing what we know to be true, what brings us wild joy, what sparks our phoenix souls?

Creative expression is one of the most powerful tools I know for catharsis, when we're shining light deep into our hearts and souls, digging for the truth.

Art journaling is a saving grace for me, offering a non-judgmental sanctuary where I can spill my every fear, doubt, and celebration. In my art journal, I can ask deep questions. Ripped bits and ragged edges of collage elements are like secret messages and clues, pointing toward a deeper meaning that my head can't yet comprehend.



My workshop in 21 Secrets, Keep True: The Compass of You, asks these kinds of soul-deep questions. I offer prompts for exploration in your own art journaling, designed for both beginners and more seasoned art journalers alike. In order to keep true to ourselves, we first need to know WHAT that truth is--not for anyone else, but for ourselves. The truth only we can know. What makes us ache, what makes us heal.

Here's a trailer for my workshop:


I'm so honored to have this opportunity to share with you some simple yet effective tools I've learned. As I said in the video, art journaling has saved me countless times . . . and I truly believe it can save you, too.

21 Secrets officially begins on September 28, releasing in a massive ebook with 150+ pages of teaching, countless inspiring images, and many hours of video instruction.

Will you join us, phoenix soul? If you look forward to the art journaling pages I share every month in the magazine, you will adore this ecourse--not just my segment (Keep True), but the other 20 inspiring lessons, as well.

I hope to see you there!


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