make your magic // Truth Tribe interview: Cory Sipper

make your magic // Truth Tribe interview: Cory Sipper

What music inspires your best days?

I love songs that light my soul-fire, that bring comfort, that evoke summer nights with your kindred around the campfire. So when I connected with critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Cory Sipper on Facebook, I could hardly contain myself. She is both gentle and fiery: a true phoenix soul.

We couldn't have met at a better time. Cory's new album, "Make Your Magic," just released, the kind of deep and dreamy serenade that urges you to roll down your windows and cruise down the open road. I can't stop listening. "Make Your Magic" is feel-good music for the soul.

You can listen and purchase your digital copy here, and don't miss our giveaway below for a chance to win a CD! 

What a thrill to invite Cory into The Phoenix Soul's pages. She's our latest Truth Tribe member, spilling her heart and story about her twelve-year break from the sometimes-harsh music business, and her triumphant phoenix rebirth as she's released her fifth album.

I asked Cory, "What does magic look like in your everyday life?" Here's her response:

Well, there is always the magic of family and health and living in a beautiful place. But for me, my magic right now is also really about staying true to myself. To not go to the places of being let down or afraid. The magic of being there for myself and trusting.
— Cory Sipper, Truth Tribe interview, TPS: Serendipity

Read Cory's full interview in The Phoenix Soul: Serendipity.

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Cory's joyful music and our celebration of Serendipity are the perfect combination. Reader Jenna Whittaker says, "Another GORGEOUS issue of The Phoenix Soul! This issue feels like a call to wide-eyed wonder, to magic, to secret messages, to Rumi's beautiful reminder: What you seek is seeking you."

Can't wait to read your comments below and hear what feels like magic in your everyday life!

love & awe,
(your fellow phoenix)

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