scenes from here & giveaway winner

Summer's been blurring by here (yours, too?).

I'm trying to pause, appreciate, and give thanks for each little gift of grace as she comes:

  • magic-sparking mug, encouraging me to #drinkmorewater
  • sunflowers in Mom's garden, impossibly cheery against brilliant blue
  • feathers, feathers everywhere: reminders of love, of beauty, of Spirit here-and-now
  • golden-hour light, golding up wildflowers high above creekwater

Simple. Sweet.

After last year's tumble of bad news and trauma and drama, I want to stop and savor each of these blessedly-normal moments. The heart-healing ones. Laughter with the ones I love. Sun warm on my skin. The spinning earth, somehow still steady beneath my feet. And the endless sky, ever above us all.

How are you, dear phoenix?

How's your season? What sweetness is companioning you?

I have so loved working with Cory Sipper, Truth tribe interviewee for our Serendipity issue. Soulful singer/songwriter, mama, and true phoenix soul (returning to the music biz after twelve years away), Cory is the real deal.

We are all magic, but the problem is that we often fall out of touch with that part of ourselves.
— Cory Sipper, TPS: Serendipity

We hosted a giveaway for a CD copy of Cory's joyful new release, Make Your Magic (read more about this album in her interview with TPS). I'm happy to announce the winner:

Jamie Sprague

Jamie has been a long-time member of our TPS tribe, often sharing her life in our gathering of #thephoenixsoul. Jamie, thank you for your kind heart and authentic connection! I'll be in touch.

with love,

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make your magic // Truth Tribe interview: Cory Sipper

make your magic // Truth Tribe interview: Cory Sipper