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issue 45: 

Uncover your life's hidden magic.

Phoenix soul, what if your everyday existence could be a playground for ordinary magic, startling connection, and gasps of grace?

Let's roll out a welcome mat for the daily divine. We'll make way for holy surprise. And serendipity? She's only an ask away.

We are all magic, but the problem is we often fall out of touch with that part of ourselves.
— Cory Sipper, Truth Tribe interview, The Phoenix Soul: Serendipity


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may you feel seen. Heard. Loved. Just as you are.

The Phoenix Soul: Serendipity

What if a web of love already holds you, with unseen strings shimmering across the globe? Imagine becoming aware of secret messages of reassurance and comfort in your daily surroundings, a network of support already in action: a phone call from your friend when you felt alone; a stranger stopping to help when your bag of groceries split open; a feather appearing on your path, reminding you to look up and out. 

. . . when I just show up in the world as I am, maybe even completely messy, unprepared, with bold hair, serendipity almost always appears. Even if it’s shy and quiet and says nothing the entire time, I know it’s present. It also shows up when I am in a state of resistance, flying outside of my comfort zone, when I’d rather be hiding. It shows up in the night. In the wild. In the uncomfortable. It plays along the surface of everything and revels in the fact we have the know-how to dive into its realm, if-we-desire . . .
— Carissa Paige, "Out There on the Edge," TPS: Serendipity

guests in this issue:

  • Cory Sipper, Truth Tribe interview

  • Mandy Saile, Patricia Crisafulli, & Laurie Blackwell: Grit & Grace participants & guest contributors

  • regular contributors: Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, Beth Morey, Teresa Robinson, Carissa Paige

Why not walk a labyrinth on a Wednesday afternoon, despite a long to-do list that I could not finish in a day, even if I never took a break? Why not pray silently out in the open as leashed dogs pant past me and kids on bikes race each other along the path around the pond? Why not expose my hungry, yearning heart to a deeper desire to make something out of nothing but gravel and sand? Why not say yes to the journey that, as soon as this sojourner was ready, miraculously appeared in the neighborhood?
— Patricia Crisafulli, "Labyrinth Walk: A Pilgrimage from Serendipity to Surrdender," TPS: Tenacity
When do I art journal? Something bubbles in me. A fear. A yet-to-be-known joy. A new direction. Dark seeking light. A change begging to be made. Whatever-it-is beckons me out of rational thought into a place deeper, more expansive, more capable of leaps of insight. An invitation to discover what lies beyond the horizon. Much waits inside me, wanting, needing, to be heard.
— Maureen Helms Blake, Bitter & Beautiful column, TPS: Tenacity

sacred light shines within each of us, radiating from within. sometimes we glimpse that light through the shadows of our days, the light reaching us through a smile, a touch, a gesture of kindheartedness. words and actions matter.
— suzanne l. vinson, "On Sacred Light," TPS: Serendipity

Seek your everyday sacred with us in Serendipity:

I’m ready to open my eyes wide and my heart wider. The more I look, the more I see. We pass streets named Be Still, Sanctuary, Spirit Mountain . . .
— Amanda Fall, My Story