the cadence of us :: phoenix playlist

the cadence of us :: phoenix playlist

Music is one of my love languages. I can't imagine moving through a day without a fluid soundtrack of encouragement, inspiration, and energy singing me to life.

Depending on the day, I might sink into songs of comfort (The Weepies, Greg Laswell, A Great Big World) . . . or groovy sunny-day melodies (Trevor Hall, Walk Off the Earth, Connor Garvey) . . . or fierce anthems (Pink, Serena Ryder, Mary Lambert).

As someone with frequent anxiety and high sensitivity, I am deeply thankful for music as a centering ritual in my day.

No matter how I feel, a song waits to companion me.

Imagine a favorite song cuing up each time you decide to move into something you are avoiding, playing for as long as you continue. [...] Envision dancing into the phases of your Next—in spite of your apprehensions of the many unknowns.
— Teresa Robinson, Evolutions column, TPS: Rhythm

This month at The Phoenix Soul, we honor RHYTHM . . . the many varied & intricate ways in which our lives shimmy and shake, hum and flow. More often than not we reference a music of life-rhythms, a subtle melody-of-the-heart that holds no actual lyrics or notes but instead the beat of our "strong-heart song."

This month’s Phoenix Soul is just stunning—page after page of soulful colors, words, and wide-open hearts. Each page feels like a love letter.
— Jenna Whittaker

But literal music, oh, what a gift it is--a lesson, a reminder, an example of harmony and energy and collaboration.

So, today, I'm honoring the actual music of our days by sharing one of my favorite go-to playlists . . . lovingly named we are phoenix.

These songs celebrate our phoenix rising: the ash, the dust, the burning conviction, the holy howl of yes.

They honor our gentle fierceness, our quiet bravery.

I listen when I need a spark. When I need to believe.

I hope they stoke your phoenix fire, too.

What song would you add to this playlist?

What other anthems sing you back to life?

with love,

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