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{ issue 42: RHYTHM }

What if we are each born with a rhythm all our own? What if, when we tune into that strong-heart song, we can dance through life in harmony and holy ease, instead of resistance and regret?

Phoenix soul, join us in celebrating the cadence of us. The chorus of our tender and true voices. The joyful shimmy-shake of life in-rhythm.

. . . understand the power of freeing your truths and using your creative voice to do so, in the most perfectly imperfect way. It’s not about doing it right. It’s about doing and letting it go. And relishing in that undercurrent of strength and vulnerability, inspiration and fire . . .
— Alisha Sommer, Truth Tribe interview

What is your strong-heart song? What life-rhythms fill your days? Are you moving to the beat of struggle or ease? Oh, phoenix, let's honor the music of us, with reckless hope and wild gratitude. The melody of joy is already singing us back to life . . . let's slow down, lean in, and listen.

guests in this issue:

  • Alisha Sommer, Truth Tribe interview

  • Lakeshia Reid, Carrie McBride, & Jenna Whittaker: Grit & Grace participants

  • regular contributors: Maureen Helms Blake, De Jackson, Julia Fehrenbacher, suzanne l. vinson, Beth Morey, Teresa Robinson, Carissa Paige

  • additional guests: Alisha Sommer, Lakeshia Reid, Carrie McBride, Jenna Whittaker

How often have I resisted instead of accepted who and what I am? I am ready to flow, to lean into what feels primal, right, true—a life rich with meaning, echoing the gentle cadence of my heart.
— Amanda Fall, My Story
Newly alone, as my marriage crumbled and divorce lurked on the horizon, I felt the pinch of life without a partner. Dancing with a beloved was obviously out of the question. But now fresh hope rose within the wreckage. Was there really a way I could learn to dance, all by myself?
— Maureen Helms Blake, Bitter & Beautiful column


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Oh, phoenix soul, may you feel seen. Heard. Loved. Just as you are.

these days i can’t remember where i put my keys. or my kids. well, that’s not so true, but you understand. it seems my mind has been in a bit of a tizzy rehearsing old stories and re-rehearsing old stories. they seem to have befriended the new, more awakened me, seducing their sweet way into my mind palace. [...] these old stories no longer fit. yet they cause a disruption long enough to distract my sweet soul gypsy self . . .
— suzanne l. vinson, "gracious, me. finally"

Dance with us in Rhythm:

There is music-unheard every single day of your {living} Braveheart, waiting for your decision to try. [...] Allowing the melody of your heart’s desires to carry you—to inspire movement and alignment when all you feel like doing is stopping . . .
— Teresa Robinson, Evolutions column