warriors of quiet bravery

warriors of quiet bravery

I see you,
warrior women & men
of quiet bravery.

You are so radiant in your gentle strength, your soft courage, even/especially when you feel like you're coming apart at the seams.

I’m shedding my wrinkled worrier skin, and reclaiming my warrior wings.
— De Jackson, Grit & Grace, from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

Your daily never-giving-up brings a lump to my throat.

Your insistence on joy, right in the midst of heartache, is a holy yes.

YOU are a holy yes in this world.

Each time any person, male or female, adult or child, sits down to create for creation’s sake, we embody the feminine gesture. When we connect with the Divine, we do the same. We walk into a state of being which is of the magical love dust of life, that which inspires the visions. We all have to do what we have to do to shelter, clothe, and feed ourselves. But there is another side to life—this is the Mystery where Spirit and creativity dwell . . .
— Pixie Lighthorse, Truth Tribe interview, in The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

I see you, phoenix soul,
in all your tender glory . . .
even when you don't.

You've got this.
And we've got you--
your kindred in quiet bravery.

with deep love & respect,
your sister phoenix,

delicious paradoxes

one soft step