one soft step

After a night so restless I woke from a hazy dream about trying to sleep . . . I cling to as much gratitude as I can: the love in every moment. The grace of hot coffee, fresh air, and birds singing me awake.

Some days, one soft step at a time is plenty far.

Don't be afraid to give yourself grace, beloved. We are tempted to live such overstuffed lives . . . is it any wonder when we are exhausted?

Just for today
let’s pretend
we don’t have these bodies
skin, scars, bones—weathered fence
that keeps it all in

Instead we would be
one heart beating
to the rhythm of everything, everywhere
mountain, tree, rock, wild wind
in the way . . .
— Julia Fehrenbacher, "The Question," from The Phoenix Soul: Ceremony

May we open our (tired, gritty) eyes
to the multitude of gentle graces
around us today.

Pause. Breathe. Let yourself be.
You are already (more than) enough. As you are.

Your phoenix soul is stirring. Stoke the fire. Tend the flame. Honor your daily rebirth.

Join us in Ceremony.

warriors of quiet bravery

warriors of quiet bravery

sunbeams and stillness :: a blessing