dance with us // The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

dance with us // The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

Kindred, you deserve to dance through your days in holy ease.

How much of our struggle is rooted in resisting instead of embracing our natural flow? What if we become out-of-step when we try to move to the beat of someone else's drum?

Your heart of hearts knows better.

Your wild phoenix heart, she beats strong & true beneath the hurry and flurry of your days. Do you hear her? She calls you to a life of passion. Purpose. Conviction. Courage. Harmony.

I’m out of step . . . ignoring the intentions and actions that re-align my soul, that ground me and center me, that make me feel like I’m tapped into holy ease.
— my story, The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

I know what it's like to be out of step with my own life . . . because, honestly? I'm living it. Right now. I've been out of sorts, finding false comfort, "filling gaps opened by grief and loss and change." But this is a life half-lived.

I am ready to flow . . . to lean into what feels primal, right, true—a life rich with meaning, echoing the gentle cadence of my heart.
— my story, The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

Are you ready, too, phoenix soul?

Even if you are currently shimmy-shaking with joyful rhythm, tuned into your unique cadence with ease . . . do you know how to make sure you stay on that beat? Do you know how and why you feel harmonious, and how to intentionally call forth this feeling?

You aren't alone.

The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm is here to unite us in the dance . . . a vibrant celebration of our life-rhythms. The cadence of us.

Let's tune in, together.

Let's step to the unique (heart)beat of our wild phoenix souls.

Let's honor the music of us, with reckless hope and wild gratitude.

Let's dance.

. . . understand the power of freeing your truths and using your creative voice to do so, in the most perfectly imperfect way. It’s not about doing it right. It’s about doing and letting it go. And relishing in that undercurrent of strength and vulnerability, inspiration and fire . . .
— Alisha Sommer, Truth Tribe interview, The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

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