traveling notes & a secret (shhh!)

honor your wandering way,
your seeker’s heart,
your pilgrim faith
(tested, tried, tue, made new in phoenix flame)

fear not your holy unrest, the itch beneath your skin
whispering ‘change is stirring,’
the stumbling tumbling steps that teach you to dance

go forth in trembling courage, in burning conviction:
traveler, you are called to the wild way
— The Phoenix Soul: Journey

We're wrapping up Journey month here at The Phoenix Soul, but we're far from finished with the wild dreaming & brave believing sparked by these pages.

In fact, so often, when it's time to turn the page to a new issue . . . I'm not ready yet! We cover such deep exploration of our life-journeys every month, it's sometimes hard to step away from one to the next.

"Grey muse" prompt inspired by Truth Tribe interview with Heather A. Mattern,

"Grey muse" prompt inspired by Truth Tribe interview with Heather A. Mattern,

Here's a peek shared by The Phoenix Soul reader Syda Howery (also a contributor in our Vision issue).

A little writing from prompt in @thephoenixsoul Vision edition. You should subscribe. :) Have barely scratched the surface on this one. I’m sure she has lots to say to me.
— @motleyturtlearts

I love seeing TPS issues being used as workbooks. I've always wanted the magazine to be an inspiration and a comfort, of course . . . but even more than that, I want these pages to be a vibrant guide, a prompt to explore the depths of your rich inner life.

The way of the phoenix soul is one of fearless questioning, honoring our whole stories . . . even/especially the mucky, achy bits that need healing and hope.

I'm so excited to whisper this secret in your ear: soon, we'll have a private gathering space where we can find sanctuary together.

An online clubhouse for phoenix souls. A sacred circle in which we can share our journeys, our questions, our aches and joys. We'll peer more closely at TPS prompts and pages, and squeeze every drop of good out. We'll honor creative practice (including optional sharing of photos, poems, artwork, etc.). We'll offer inspiring quotes, videos, book recommendations--anything that sparks our phoenix souls.

Exciting, right? This next step feels so right. Since our transformation from Sprout online magazine to The Phoenix Soul, we've had stronger focus than ever on honoring our vulnerable truths. I've felt increasingly deep conviction that to do that fully, we need a safe space to gather and complete the circle.

A sanctuary for our phoenix souls.

Can't wait to share more! Already know you want to hear details? Leave a "YES" in the comments or email me. You are so welcome here, kindred.

with deep love & gratitude,
your fellow phoenix

PS: Don't miss our next release, The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm! April 15 may be tax day here in the States, but we'll soften the blow with this vibrant affirmation of our life-rhythms. Releasing 4/15/15. If you subscribe now, you'll be one of the first to receive a copy!

dance with us // The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

dance with us // The Phoenix Soul: Rhythm

restored, renewed, revived