worthy of care

You are worthy of care.

We're wrapping up Vitality month here at The Phoenix Soul, but self-care/soul-care will always be a building block of our community. We can't be our brightest, most radiant phoenix selves without radical care, don't you think? Our hearts are tender . . . and our bodies need tending.

I have wasted long enough trying to change or ignore the needs of this body-and-soul. They are what they are. And if I truly want to be of service to the world—then it’s selfish NOT to care for myself, radically, with consistency and mindfulness. This is my vessel.
— My Story, TPS: Vitality

As a sweet reminder on your phoenix way, I've added the below poster to our gallery of gifts (when you visit that page, be sure to check the whole sub-menu for more free offerings in various styles, including our popular Mary Oliver-inspired printable). This poster is an excerpt from our Vitality issue.

What's next on the horizon? The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY. If you subscribe now, you'll be one of the first to receive your digital copy (and pssst, it might just be a little early this month).

Ooooh, this issue makes my heart gallop. Serious guts and glory. Here's a yummy sneak peek:

I'm diving into final preparations, along with readying for a quick road trip with my best-friend-husband (it's for his work, but who says we can't have fun on the way? Cue lots of cheesy music and off-key singing, endless cans of Peace tea, and silly roadside attractions).

What are you savoring these days, friend? I'd love to hear and celebrate with you.

with love & gratitude,

we are grit & grace // The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY

we are grit & grace // The Phoenix Soul: TENACITY

the real in me & the real in you

the real in me & the real in you