The Phoenix Soul: VISION

The Phoenix Soul: VISION

What if you could re-see your life with freshness and possibility? What if you could peer through a lens of love instead of fear's filter?

Kindred, I am so excited to reveal our new magazine issue, VISION! Last month's sacred Ceremony was a fiery release of all that keeps our wings clipped . . . allowing the gift of fire, so our fears, burdens, and regrets could reduce to ash. And we? We rose, winged and true.

But what do we invite into the holy hush of lives made new? What will we choose as compass to guide our days? What will choose us?

We are opening our tight fists. We are saying come in, come in, come in to our deepest desires and most holy purpose.
— from my story, VISION

I have to warn you, phoenix soul . . . these pages will not leave you unchanged. As I've crafted and curated VISION, gathering vibrant artwork and powerful words (poetry, interview, essay, prompts), my own eyes have opened wider and wider. I'm beginning to emerge from a year of much heaviness, and finding myself starting to dream (im)possible dreams again.

Re-visioning our lives can be scary. Unsettling. But how long do we want to live scared and small, when we can dream wildly? When we are being called to holy purpose?

Give her 20/20,
and a 50% chance
of rain. Give her an um
-brella and grind
her rearview mirrors to dust,
help her trust
her own sacred beat . . .”
— De Jackson, "Hindsight," The Phoenix Soul: Vision

What would your life look like whole, free, joy-full?

Come find out with us, phoenix soul. Join our trusted tribe, our forever flock, where we are safe to dream wildly . . . to envision our most wholehearted life.

You are so welcome here . . . and you are so, so loved.

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